A “real” loading indication for Aurelia and RequireJS

Aurelia is a nice and modern JavaScript framework which simplifies much the development of single page applications. One of its most criticized weakness is the  size of its libraries, which are usually loaded using RequireJS. Its tutorial comes with an explanation on how to add a loading indication to your […]

How to use CreateJS on Typescript

This post will be small, but I spent some hours trying to find out how to use the createJS classes in TypeScript, so I think it is worth sharing. The below example is for importing easelJS. The problem of using createJS in TypeScript is that it doesn’t export modules but […]

Scroll a DIV horizontally using CSS

On Today’s mobile world, sometimes is preferable to scroll sections horizontally rather than vertically, being the most common example a gallery of images. There are tones of libraries that implement such solution on various fancy ways but they are all javascript based and most them have a heavy footprint and may require tones of […]

Windows 10 audio stops working while watching movies

After Windows 10 upgrade it happens often with me that while watching videos on the Internet (not sure if only in the case of Adobe Flash Player), the audio just stops working. Rather than restarting the computer which also works, I found a workaround which is at least a little […]

Crazy Circles Loading using Javascript

Crazy circles is a nice visual illusion. “Loading…” windows tend to be boring. Combining both of them may keep your users entertained while waiting for data to load. Even best if it can be dynamically configured to fit your website 🙂 . Examples Crazy Circles Crazy Circles is a visual […]

Find out when Windows was locked and unlocked using the System Event Log

Sometimes you may need to to find out when the machine was locked and unlocked (for time booking for instance). Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as lock/unlock Windows events. When the user locks or unlocks the workstation a special Logon or Logoff event is created in the Windows […]

Using multiple configuration files with log4net

Although log4net is most likely one of the most powerful logging libraries for .Net, it has some limitations when it comes to spreading the configuration among multiple files.   The use case for it is very common: a set of services wants to share parts of the same configuration (i.e.: […]

Task Manager Menu Bar and Tabs disappeared

  For some days I’ve being haunted by this “error”. Everytime I opened the Task Manager there was no Menu Bar nor Tabs. The solution is simple: Just double-click anwhere in the border around the tabs (gray panel). It happens that the Task manager has a Tiny Footprint mode which […]

Remote Desktop Windows key gets “stuck”

Quick Tip While using the remote desktop it may happens that the Windows key gets “stuck”.  You will realize it when you start typing and while pressing m all windows are minimized or while pressing r the run window appears. You will get with almost 100% chance this behavior if […]

Custom tool error: Failed to generate code for the service reference 2

Quick Tip On Visual Studio if you suddenly get an error when pressing “Update Service References” :   Custom tool error: Failed to generate code for the service reference ‘your service‘ Please check other error and warning messages for details   Do the following: Close all instances of Visual Studio […]