Should I use Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics?

While setting up a new website, you might be tempted to use Google Tag Manager to deliver your Google Analytics tag. In this article, we will investigate the pros and cons of using GTM for Google Analytics and suggest situations when you should use it or not. TL;DR If you […]


How to Turn off the Facebook In-App Browser

Facebook updated its App default behavior to always open post links in the in-app browser. This leads to problems with various pages (see the list below) and using the restricted Facebook in-app browser brings no benefits to the users. To change this behavior, just follow the below steps: 1. In […]

Find out which proxy is being used under Windows

When working on a big corporation it might be needed to know which proxy is being used on each site. This information is usually hidden in a Proxy auto-config file. This happens when in Internet Explorer the “Use automatic configuration script” is checked or in Firefox when “Use system proxy […]

libwebp.dll binaries for Windows download missing

I don’t really understand why, but Google webp project doesn’t provide the compiled libwebp.dll files to download. It has only the precompiled utilities. If you just need the dlls, feel free to grab them from here: Download If you want to compile them yourself using Visual Studio please follow […]

How to solve ANY slide puzzle regardless of its size 9

After seeing many people giving up while playing slide puzzles in the best free online puzzle site, I decided to write this fool proof fully illustrated guide to solve any slide puzzle (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, …). I came to the solution while developing the website and observing that the […]

A “real” loading indication for Aurelia and RequireJS

Aurelia is a nice and modern JavaScript framework which simplifies much the development of single page applications. One of its most criticized weakness is the  size of its libraries, which are usually loaded using RequireJS. Its tutorial comes with an explanation on how to add a loading indication to your […]

How to use CreateJS on Typescript

This post will be small, but I spent some hours trying to find out how to use the createJS classes in TypeScript, so I think it is worth sharing. The below example is for importing easelJS. The problem of using createJS in TypeScript is that it doesn’t export modules but […]

Scroll a DIV horizontally using CSS

On Today’s mobile world, sometimes is preferable to scroll sections horizontally rather than vertically, being the most common example a gallery of images. There are tones of libraries that implement such solution on various fancy ways but they are all javascript based and most them have a heavy footprint and may require tones of […]