Using multiple configuration files with log4net

Although log4net is most likely one of the most powerful logging libraries for .Net, it has some limitations when it comes to spreading the configuration among multiple files.   The use case for it is very common: a set of services wants to share parts of the same configuration (i.e.: […]

Task Manager Menu Bar and Tabs disappeared

  For some days I’ve being haunted by this “error”. Everytime I opened the Task Manager there was no Menu Bar nor Tabs. The solution is simple: Just double-click anwhere in the border around the tabs (gray panel). It happens that the Task manager has a Tiny Footprint mode which […]

Remote Desktop Windows key gets “stuck”

Quick Tip While using the remote desktop it may happens that the Windows key gets “stuck”.  You will realize it when you start typing and while pressing m all windows are minimized or while pressing r the run window appears. You will get with almost 100% chance this behavior if […]

Custom tool error: Failed to generate code for the service reference 2

Quick Tip On Visual Studio if you suddenly get an error when pressing “Update Service References” :   Custom tool error: Failed to generate code for the service reference ‘your service‘ Please check other error and warning messages for details   Do the following: Close all instances of Visual Studio […]

Removing unused styles from Silverlight projects

During the conception and development of new applications, designers tend to do lots of styling trials. After some years the application will be trashed with unused resources. This effect doesn’t only pollute and difficult the development process but also increases the size of your delivery. The straw that broke the […]

SSL overuse or why do I hate certificates 1

If an IT architect needs some kind of secure connection in 99 out of 100 cases he will choose SSL. The standard is there, it is widely used, the implementation is trivial and the problem is solved. Being for ignorance or lack of creativity, SSL is overused in many of enterprise IT communication, which […]