Windows 10 audio stops working while watching movies

After Windows 10 upgrade it happens often with me that while watching videos on the Internet (not sure if only in the case of Adobe Flash Player), the audio just stops working. Rather than restarting the computer which also works, I found a workaround which is at least a little bit faster.

  1. Open the Task Manager
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select “Task Manager”
  2. Find the “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation”
    Look forĀ “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation” under “Background Processes”. It is easier if to find it if your processes are sorted by Name. You’ll see a small arrow above the Name column. If it is not the case, just click on the Name column header.Task Manager - Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation
  3. End the task
    Right click on the “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation” task and select “End Task”. Alternatively you can just select the task and press Del.Task Manager - Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation - End Task
  4. Restart your video
    If you are watching the video in your browser, press F5 and start playing the video again. If you are watching it in any audio player, restart the application.

I hope this helps you. Please keep me posted.

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